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About Rabbi Sam

During a fulfilling Rabbinic career, Rabbi Sam has counseled adults, teens, couples, and families through life’s critical moments.

Rabbi Sam Kieffer, Life Coach

Knowing that we all share common issues, he provides counseling to people of all faiths & beliefs, using patience and insight to help those struggling with life’s challenges. Rabbi Sam welcomes those dealing with major roadblocks such as grief and loss, faith and doubt, divorce and family separation.

He can help those experiencing negativity or feeling “stuck,” offering guidance through problems and motivation toward living a more meaningful life.

Rabbi Sam

Certified Life Coach, International Academy of Life Coaching & Entrepreneurship
Columbia University, B.A.
Jewish Theological Seminary, M.A., Rabbinical Ordination, D.D.

Work with Rabbi Sam on issues dealing with:
  • Grief & Loss

  • Divorce

  • Faith & Doubt

  • Challenges into Opportunities

  • Creating Positivity out of Negativity

  • Finding Meaning in Life

  • Getting Un-stuck

Want to coach with Rabbi Sam?

Step 1 - Fill out our Goals Questionnaire to determine which Coach best fits your needs.
Step 2 - Purchase a pre-paid Coaching Package or book using Individual Session rates.
Step 3 - Book a 30-minute Introductory Session to establish a Coaching Strategy.
Step 4 - Book Individual Sessions and meet with Rabbi Sam via Zoom.


“One of Rabbi Sam’s lessons for me is that I can’t solve all of my problems but I can face them with confidence...”

“As a life-long Catholic I asked Rabbi Sam to help me address my faith issues in a non-judgemental way because I knew that he is also a man of faith. He shared his knowledge and experience which helped me resolve my issues and gave me the confidence to face my questions and doubts.”

“There was a point in my life when I just felt stuck. Rabbi Sam helped me see the roadblocks and eventually through his advice and guidance I slowly got back on track.”

“When my Mother was dying, I couldn’t bear to imagine life without her, and it was weighing me down. Rabbi Sam guided me before she died and then continued through the weeks of the grieving process with encouragement and compassion which was comforting and healing.”


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