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About Melinda

Melinda is an experienced and passionate educator who has mentored and guided students, parents, teachers, and communal leaders.

Melinda Kieffer, Life Coach

Through her supportive and nurturing process, individuals set personal goals, and develop strategic action plans. She welcomes those who are experiencing strained family relationships, difficult work environments, or career burnout.

Additionally, Melinda works with those who are challenged by loss of confidence or self esteem, and people who want to recapture earlier visions of themselves.

Melinda Kieffer

Certified Life Coach, The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology
University of Illinois, B.A.
Spertus College, B.J.S.
New York University, M.A.

Work with Melinda on issues dealing with:
  • Family & Social Relationships

  • Confidence & Self-esteem

  • Work-related Stress

  • Self Advocacy

  • Career Burnout

  • Women's Life Roles

  • Personal Goal-setting

Want to coach with Melinda?

Step 1 - Fill out our Goals Questionnaire to determine which Coach best fits your needs.
Step 2 - Purchase a pre-paid Coaching Package or book using Individual Session rates.
Step 3 - Book a 30-minute Introductory Session to establish a Coaching Strategy.
Step 4 - Book Individual Sessions and meet with Melinda via Zoom.


"Melinda was a guiding light during my son's turbulent pre-teen years when he didn't want to learn or participate in activities. Through her constant praise and positive communication, offering him responsibility, he eventually enjoyed what seemed to come easier to others."

"Even with college degrees, I lacked confidence as a teacher. Melinda helped me identify the stress and fear I felt and with her support I began to enjoy being in the classroom."

"After several community meetings where I felt my voice was unheard, Melinda guided me to present a better version of myself. I actually rehearsed my presentations with her, including the body language I wanted others to see. This made all the difference."

"I was at a cross-roads in my work life. Compensation was great, fulfillment was not. Melinda helped me create and evaluate my pros and cons list as to whether I stay in my current position or open a new chapter. First she insisted that I see myself as a champion. Once I could do this I realized that my decision making was not as difficult as I thought. She broke down the various pieces of my dilemma. I continue to use her process when I have tough choices to make."


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